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UPPAAL 5 Features

Uppaal 5 integrates the following features:

Most of the new features have been incubated in Uppaal Stratego branch which is about to be phased out.

The following is a list of new features since 4.1.26 release.

Menus and Preferences

Open Example menu to access the demo examples quickly:

Open Example menu

Open Recent menu: just like Open Example but remembers the last 15 model files.

Open Recent menu

JetBrains Mono fonts with code ligatures where <= is displayed as and --> as :

Font preferences

Look & Feel themes, in particular modern FlatLaf:

Theme preferences

However, light attracts bugs, therefore there are fewer bugs with FlatLaf Dark theme:

FlatLaf Dark

Zoom-in and zoom-out plots when using JFreeChart:

JFreeChart Option

Uppaal 5 comes with refactored engine protocol using JSON message format with better error messaging and handling.

Advanced users may want to select an engine running on a remote computer:

Engine selection


Find/replace dialog via EditFind/Replace or press Ctrl F / Ctrl R (macOS: ⌘F / ⌘R):

Local find and replace dialog

Find/replace globally via Ctrl Shift F / Ctrl Shift R (macOS: ⌘⇧F / ⌘⇧R):

Find and replace globally

Automatic parenthesis matching and indentation in Advanced editor mode:

Advanced editor mode

Symbolic Simulator

Coverage highlighting using heat-map intensity colors:

Concrete Simulator

Support for dynamical systems (models with ODEs) and variable value trajectories over the simulation trace:

Stochastic simulation which adheres to the model-specified probabilities:

Stochastic simulation using the selected strategy:


Controller synthesis (using timed games):

Performance optimization using learning:

Query-specific custom engine options:

Demo Models


New demo examples