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Academic Licenses

The Uppaal toolkit is free for non-commercial applications for academic institutions that deliver academic degrees. As academic use, we consider only work performed by researchers or students at institutions delivering academic degrees. In addition, the work or the worker may not be contracted by any non-academic institution. Any other use requires a commercial license.


Uppaal 5.0.0

OS (arch)Requires JavaIncludes Java
Windows (x86_64): exe zip exe msi

Development snapshot 5.1.0-beta5:

OS (arch)Requires JavaIncludes Java
Windows (x86_64): exe zip exe msi

Please register at to obtain a free academic license key.

After downloading, follow the installation-instructions below.


Uppaal 4.1 (development snapshot)

This is the current development release of the academic version, this build includes Uppaal SMC.

Uppaal 4.0

This is the current official stable release of the academic version. There is no 64-bit version.






Commercial Licenses

Uppaal is free for academic use only. Any other use requires a license of Uppaal. Note that, any use at companies, private use, use at national research agencies, or any other non-academic use requires a license of Uppaal. For information about commercial licenses and support, please visit

Version History

Installation Instructions

To download and install (or upgrade to) the current version of Uppaal:

  1. Uppaal graphical user interface requires Java version ≥17 installed. We recommend Open JDK:

    • Command line utility verifyta does not use Java, hence Java is optional if you use only verifyta.
  2. Choose and download Uppaal version from the download area.

  3. Extract Uppaal distribution archive (only for zip package) where it will be accessible: C:\Program Files, /Applications, /usr/local, /opt/local or simply user Desktop are fine locations as long as you have permissions.

  4. Optionally, integrate within your desktop environment:

  5. Launch Uppaal

  1. Launch and enter your license key and the period for license-computer offline binding period:
    • Command line: verifyta --lease 168 --key YOUR_LICENSE_KEY, or
    • Graphical user interface when Uppaal is started:
      Uppaal license dialog

Note that Uppaal needs Internet connection to fetch the license.

If you have any issues installing Uppaal, please check the Frequently Asked Questions sections and the Known Issues. If this does not resolve you issue please feel free to contact us.