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Uppaal is developed in collaboaration between the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University (UPP) in Sweden and the Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University (AAL) in Denmark, with input from several other universites around the world.

The people involved with development and application are Kim G. Larsen (Professor, AAL), Wang Yi (Professor, UPP), Paul Pettersson (Professor, Mälardalen University), Alexandre David (Associate Professor, AAL), Brian Nielsen (Associate Professor, AAL), Arne Skou (Associate Professor, AAL), John Håkansson (Ph.D. Student, UPP), Jacob Illum Rasmussen (Ph.D. Student, AAL), Pavel Krcál (Ph.D. Student, UPP), Ulrik Larsen (Ph.D. Student, AAL), Marius Mikucionis (Ph.D. Student, AAL), and Leonid Mokrushin (Ph.D. Student, UPP).

External contributors include (not complete): Patricia Bouyer (CNRS & ENS de Cachan), Martijn Hendriks (University of Nijmegen), and Radek Pelanek (Masaryk University Brno).

Former members of the development team include (not complete): Gerd Behrmann (AAL), Tobias Amnell (UPP), Johan Bengtsson (UPP), Elena Fersman (UPP), Emmanuel Fleury (AAL), Thomas Hune (Aarhus Univ.), Kåre J. Kristoffersen (AAL), Fredrik Larsson (UPP), Didier Lime (AAL), Oliver Möller (Aarhus Univ.), Justin Pearson (UPP), Carsten Weise (Ericsson), Rune G. Madsen (AAL), and Steffen K. Mortensen (AAL).


In our ongoing work to localize the Uppaal GUI we would like to acknowledge contributions by the following external people: